A Rustic and Modern Bathroom

A rustic bathroom can look great in the master bathroom but also make a perfect guest bathroom. Some homeowners have both types of bathrooms in their home, using them for different purposes.

A Rustic and Modern Bathroom

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If you are redoing your bathroom or have decided to purchase a new design and would like to have a rustic look to it, then here are some suggestions for decorating the bathroom in a rustic theme. I hope these ideas will help.

Start by getting a bathroom with a natural color. Many people like to add more color to their bathroom when they redo the room, but a natural color are far more relaxing to the eye. The colors for a natural bathroom should be warm or neutral.

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For a natural look, you can do a few things. When you wash your hands, use soap in a metal bowl that matches the paint on the walls. You can even paint the walls to match the bathroom and it will look very natural.

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Towels and linens should be either hand made or bought from a thrift store. This will make the room a more intimate environment. Most people like to get their towels custom made, and this can make the difference between a formal and casual bathroom.

To create a place where people can relax, start with a rug made out of grass or straw. Some people find that this works well. When you brush your teeth, use a special kind of toothpaste that makes a mess when it gets into your mouth.

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Don’t worry about traditional iron on paper towels. In a rustic style bathroom, you will want to keep the environment as clean as possible. You can always use traditional wash cloths if you wish, but if you have guests or need to clean up after a meal, paper towels make the perfect choice.

Add a television to the room for some relaxation, or if you want something a little more modern, you can add a sound system with a natural, rustic design. Adding a bar stools in the corner will complete the design. Your guests will love it, and you can sit back and relax.

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