Popular 1921 Spanish Style Home

If you are thinking about buying a Spanish style home, you might not be aware of how many of these styles exist today. When I first began learning Spanish, I knew next to nothing about the culture and had only been to places where they used the Spanish style of decorating.

Popular 1921 Spanish Style Home

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One of the most popular styles of Spanish homes is what is called Casa Real. This is an old fashioned style that has a lot of characteristics of an old Spanish house. It’s made from painted red cedar and is covered in roosters’ feathers.

Casa Real is commonly found in the southern part of Spain and to some degree also in the Canary Islands. Many of the structures are very old and have elaborate carvings. There are also a lot of colonial styled buildings around.

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These kinds of homes have many similarities to colonial style, although in Casa Real there are usually more detailed carvings. This style is very much a part of traditional Spanish decorating. There are also other homes that you might consider if you are interested in Casa Real style. These include those that are more traditional and can be found in locations like Mexico.

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Another popular type of Spanish style home is what is known as Teatro Real. This is a kind of combination of Casa Real and Colonial style. This style is often found in the Mediterranean region, especially in Turkey.

Teatro Real is like a mixture of Colonial and Spanish style. This style has a lot of ironwork with high quality wood. There are also a lot of carved doors and elaborate carvings on walls.

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The last style is commonly referred to as Colonial style. Although it looks a lot like Spanish Colonialstyle it is a brand new style. Many of the homes of this style have very elaborate carvings and look almost like an antique’s house.

As you can see there are many different styles to choose from when you are choosing a Spanish style home. Before you make your purchase, take a tour of the area to get an idea of what is available in your area.

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