Exceptional Interior Stone Wall Ideas to Add Extra Charm In Your House

Our faux stone wall panels are simple to apply and give your home the good look of genuine stone. In case you want to decorate a whole wall with natural stone, it is preferable to use stones of various sorts. It’s essential to note that while faux stone and real stone veneers are generally around an identical price for those panels, the quantity of money saved on installation and other costs (such as masonry) will shift the complete cost in faux stone’s favor.

Exceptional Interior Stone Wall Ideas to Add Extra Charm In Your House


There are lots of cool strategies to use stone in interior design and decor and you are able to observe some of them exemplified by Peace Design in a few of their projects. You might already have something in mind or you can desire to talk about the choices that are readily available to you with one of our skilled and professional team. With such a wide variety of designs, colours and textures to select from, there’s an ideal option for any home, office or industrial design.

Overall this was a really simple procedure and anyone can do it. What you actually need is to earn good analysis of the interior space and attempt to work out what you could do in order to make it better. Wall customization is an incredible way to make impressive design.




Our wall panels are rather lightweight, particularly when compared with the actual thing, and this also usually means they are quite easy to install. Coat the whole surface in the identical manner which you would paint a wall and enable it to dry for a few hours. There’s also a brick cleaning solution named Sureclean which I would use too.

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