How To Dress Up Your Home Office That Will Boost Your Creativity

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A lot of people prefer to work from home and it has become more than a trend nowadays. They try to find the best way to provide and to accommodate an inspiring and creative working environment in order to scale up their productivity.

In fact, home office with an elegant atmosphere is a sum of all their decorative and functional elements. You can get more creative home office solutions such as custom-built shelves, a comfortable desk, and chair, or potted plants.

How To Dress Up Your Home Office That Will Boost Your Creativity

So, here are some ideas of home office design to boost up your productivity and creativity.

1.) Be A Minimalist


Minimalist style is getting popular nowadays. Wanna know how to do it? Just keep your desk clutter-free, add in simple furniture, for example, reclaimed wood chairs and desk that will make it more natural, then keep a neutral color palette.

Believe me, you’ll be amazed and inspired you’ll be to actually do your work. Lastly, if you need something warm, you can add a plant or macramé wall hanging, so it doesn’t look bland and sterile.

2.) Take It Black


Black is the new white. Is this not the coolest and sexiest office you’ve ever seen? Black furniture combined with brass accents looks super sleek. Opt for a gray-black for the walls, so it doesn’t feel too dark.

3.) Go Bohemian


Embrace and encourage your spirit and soul with this home office decoration. It’s more than just a decoration, it has sentimental value to you or that you picked up on your travel. Add in a bold, patterned rug, color on color, and some plants. Remember: More is more.

4.) Get Creative With Space


You probably don’t really have enough space to live, or maybe your formal office is just so tiny. Well, in this case, you need to get creative. You may opt for small furniture and try to put your desk up against the window in your bedroom.

By doing that way, it’s out of sight from your living room, and more than that, you will have a view to look at to separate it from your sleeping area.

5.) Make It Modern


There’s a formula to get a modern office: white lacquer desk, sleek lighting, and a geometric rug. If you want to make it a little more glam and feminine, just add bold color and brass accent.

6.) Use Open Shelving


If you’re a kind of organized person, I think it’ll be useful for you. Try open shelving, by doing this, it will help your room to get more fun, creative, and colorful atmosphere.

In this Boston brownstone, the kitchen pantry also houses the office, so the shelves serve double-duty.

7.) Try Industrial


Do you wanna get something cool for your home office? You may be more inclined to actually use it. Try this vintage aluminum desk and stool to create an industrial vibe. For addition, you may add chicken-wire bookcases to add a rustic touch to the room.

8.) Think Exotic


There’s always another way to make your home office looks better, or maybe something exotic? You can add black and white zebra motif. You can also put a rattan chandelier that adds texture to totally transport yourself somewhere way more exciting than your work.

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