7 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips That Will Impress You

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Do you ever think that your bathroom is getting messy because you just don’t know where to put your stuff? We all know that a lot of us are struggling to find an extra storage space in your house. So, this time I’m going to give you a hand and show you some bathroom storage ideas and tips that might be useful.

The bathroom will be our main focus, since we already have hundreds of small things in such a small room, and we need to place them in order to make our room looks neat and clean, clutter-free. These tips of smart bathroom storage are suitable for both small and big bathroom, so you don’t need to be worried.

7 Smart Bathroom Ideas and Tips That Will Impress You

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, we`re all desperate for storage tips that won’t make the bathroom look overcrowded. So, what are you waiting for!? Let’s check these out!

When you are in a hurry in the morning, you need everything to be within reach so the example above idea might resonate with you a great deal!

1. Creating tall pull-out cabinets


By doing this, it will allow you to place and store all the necessary bathroom stuff as well as towels within reach of your bathing zone, and also the shower or tub.

2. Exposed storage space can BECOME charming when jars and WICKER baskets are used


Looking for something romantic appeal in a vintage style? These apothecary jars and wicker baskets are the best solutions, leave them in plain sight.

3. An old recycled wooden ladder and  WIRE BASKETS form the essential storage space


Do you have an old ladder at home? Don’t just put it away, old ladders have a certain charm that we all love, you can also add some wire baskets to such a ladder and create the perfect industrial inspired storage space.

4. Use the space underneath the tub for a CONCEALED STORAGE area


If exposed storage is just not your thing, try to maximize the available zones and create concealed zones.

5. Wire baskets for an industrial chic appeal


If you love the white color, it would be great, because the entire white, wood and wire ensemble can create such a romantic atmosphere, feminine, and also fresh. You can complete the design by this wooden paneling that has been used on walls. In the end, it’s all about the general aesthetics.

6. Use wood to create storage for the toilet NECESSITIES


You can get crafty and recycle wooden boards into effective storage space.

7. Place storage space on the cabinet doors as well


Never neglect the doors of your cabinets, they provide plenty of storage space.

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