How To Build DIY Platform Bed for a Cozy Bedroom

Do you know what is the best thing to get after spending our time? Let’s take a guess! It’s probably and for sure is to go home and lay down on the bed. Just be honest, all of us want to get such a comfortable and cozy bed to enjoy our quality time. The thing is that somehow the high cost on a new piece of bed furniture puts you off.

What should you do then? There is no need to be worried, here I got some DIY platform bed for a cozy bedroom that may seem interesting for you.

How To Build DIY Platform Bed for a Cozy Bedroom

1. Two Toddler Beds

How To Build DIY Platform Bed for a Cozy Bedroom


When you have kids, you don’t want them to fight each other over one bed and I’m sure you want to put a stop to that, right? Do you think there’s no way out? Well, this can be a solution. All you need to do is to get two toddler beds and surprise them with the DIY platform bed that you can construct them yourself. For this, you will bed thick plywood of standard size, drilling machine, screws, sander, and glue for wood.

Once the beds are ready, the next thing is to decorate them with something that relates to your kids, such as their favorite colors or put some ornaments, .etc. Heavenly bed is the key to sound sleep, you can expect to lay your kids fighting to rest now, and forever.

2. DIY Platform Bed with Storage for Baskets


Do you ever think how to organize your bedroom that stuffed with baskets and you have just no place to store them? Okay, from now, I suggest you change the bed. Now you can get DIY platform bed with storage for baskets. I found this brilliant, especially when it comes to the design and functionality. It has the advantage of this bed which is twofold: first is the comfort, second is all the leftover space for storage.

3. DIY Expedit Queen Platform Bed


Getting bored with your old bed? Now,


this is the right time to get something fresh with this DIY platform bed. Since the main plan is for queen size, it’s even better because sometimes a single bed is just too small and the king size is massive. So, the queen size would be the best option, right? This is not it.

You can build it yourself as the whole process is simple. You need to take the measurements, cut the frames, then attach them. Moreover, you can also adjust more significant height for your bed if that is what you want. Well, what is holding you back? Start to construct the bed, choose the mattress, and enjoy its comfort.

4. Platform Bed with Storage


Do you want to have multifunctional storages and also comfortable bed but you can’t afford both at once? I got the best deal for you. How about a DIY platform bed with storage? Wouldn’t that be perfect? By doing this, no matter how many storages you have, it still seems less. So, in that case, this DIY platform bed would be suitable for you.

The bed is a regular platform bed with storage space under it where you can place your magazines and books for midnight crisis. Just build the storage separately and attach to the top frame of the platform bed. That’s it! You got yourself a new platform bed with storage.

5.  Twin Storage Bed


Sometimes you feel it doesn’t enough to have storages under your bed. It’s given that everyone is looking for more storage. Well, you got it! This DIY platform bed will blow your mind off. The twin storages bins that come to this bed have an ample space to store your kinds of stuff which are not of daily use, such as rugged clothes or other goods.

In fact, you can store books, bags, clothes, baskets, shoes, .etc. Its simple design makes you feel comfortable and easy to create so that you can build it yourself with the necessary carpentry skills and necessities accordingly. Just give your bedroom a new look and you will be amazed with the result for sure.

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