Industrial Style for Your Sumptuous Home Design

Exposing unfinished-wall construction, metal or what so-familiar with industrial furniture as your home design will be so unique. Aside from the industrial vibe which emerges in the home, the shape of natural sculpture from the unfinished process is becoming the most eye-catching one. We are going to discuss the industrial concept, its property, and… Let’s get started!


This style is perfectly covering the simple-look become cool-look. Even in general, the color that contains in this design is only the combination of gray, black, metal and white, yet space always looks so stunning and deluxe.

Mostly, the specific characteristic in industrial design is seen from the window’s trellis and the hanging furniture, such as the pipe or metallic stuff.


Occasionally, people think of this design, tending to the dark concept and will be affecting the creepy effect. However, the industrial concept will provide a homey feel. The soft-dark layout in the room is giving a warm and smooth lighting for space.


Even in the end, your home will be dominating by tan hue, but the color tone is reflecting the calmness and elegant.

Classic Design Cavity


Marble or wood floor upon the room for the classic light industrial design, as the way to, creates a broad and luxury impression, even if you set your room up by minimalist one.

Mix and match with the furniture. Classically, the combination of wood bookshelf, pipe room delimiter and bulb lamb with the classic concept industrial design is kind of the most proper one. Those can be set in the living room, dining room, and veranda.

The classic industrial concept is preferred to show you the simple look of the industrial design. The not-really have lots of ornament is one of the characteristics of the classic one. Emphasizing the main material is the feature of it.

Modern Concept Cavity

A quite different with the classic one, the modern industrial concept is more play on the furniture and room style.



  • Delimiter

Slatted wall as the room border. Colored with black or dark gray, affecting a firm shape and private corner. Behind that, you also can have your own office room with good access by your own from inside, while very private from outside. The other is, soft gray shelving and wood paneling can substitute slatted wall as the delimiter.


  • Window

Designing a big window for modern industrial design, intending to supply the light into the room. Set the frameless window to lighten up your room brighter. Avoids the use of fabric curtain for the window to get more aesthetic. Choose the plastic material with soft basic color as the drape. To eliminate the dark look from this concept, blend the room with the bright basic color painting or sculpture to beautify and lightening the room.


Choose the Suitable Property for this Concept


After looking at the previous parts, therefore, for your reference, you may not have always metallic material as the property to perfect the design. Wood and plastic also become one of the best choices. To add a hearty-sweet look for your room, the flower never gives you a failure in it.

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